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When Hammlet's wife Prascilla goes missing, Reynard immediately grabs his high-tech gauntlet and goes on an adventure. In order to rescue Prascilla from becoming "Goulash" and his home island Foen from an invasion, he has to defeat many vicious creatures and villains.

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Reynard is a mixture of procedurally generated action RPG and a Tower Defense genre with roguelike elements. It has been influenced by classics such as Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and an indie classic - Binding of Isaac.

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Reynard offers countless proceduraly generated dungeons, tower defense maps and runes which means that no playthrough is the same! Currently it contains more than 200 items! It's based around fast paced combat, challenging enemies and bosses. Leveling up rewards you with additional items and boss coins which can be spent on unlocking perks and blueprints. It has multiple achievements and a daily run leaderboard.

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